About Beanie

Beanie MacDonald

Yoga is for everyone – “If you can breathe you can do yoga”

From a ‘character-building’ childhood in South London to a successful, globe-trotting tour manager in the music industry, Beanie has had plenty of interesting experiences along the way. Nothing, however, could have prepared her for what yoga had to offer…

Despite her vague notion that yoga was something that only tall, slim, bendy people could do, she decided to give it a try. She’d been told it could help ease her high levels of stress, the chronic back pain she suffered, and maybe even get her closer to answering a few of those ‘why are we here?’ kinds of questions.

Beanie was fortunate enough to find inspiration and guidance from teacher Angela Stevens and her interest and enthusiasm quickly grew beyond her own personal practice into the startling realisation that she had found her vocation. The calmer, more peaceful life she’d discovered was something she wanted to help others find as well.

Beanie has been teaching for many years now, both locally in East Sussex and Kent, and on retreats further afield.

Her love for yoga has continued to grow and evolve, and she is constantly rewarded by the many benefits that yoga brings to its students.

“I am incredibly grateful for the course by Beanie and the care with which it’s been delivered”


“Thank you so very much for what feels like a big hug from a little corner of Ticehurst village every Tuesday morning.I take so much away with me every week – in my head and my body – and I know the whole family then benefits from my happier being.”

Yoga Class

“Thank you for today Beanie, loved every second and left feeling as if I have actually managed to leave behind a big chunk of that perfectionism/control that was no longer needed!!!”