A Better Way of Living

“I found my experience of being coached by Beanie truly enlightening. She has a warm and welcoming aura that made me feel comfortable enough to share my insecurities and with her guidance begin to change the narrative I had from self limiting beliefs to self confidence.

I felt as if everything was already there underneath but I just needed to be given the space to hear my inner knowing, along with the encouraging words from Beanie, that I am more than capable of acheving my goals.”


“Working with Beanie has changed my life in so many ways… it has made a massive difference and has allowed me to make changes in areas that I thought would never change and in doing that I feel more happier and confident… so worth it. “

Recent client.

“I began my coaching with one goal in mind and that led to others including my business, I feel supported by Beanie and this means that we discuss all aspects of my life, personal & working in a confidential environment. It has helped me to move forward and feel more confident in myself, helping me bring things together.” 

Recent Client review.

What is A Life Coach?


Working with a Life coach is like having a dedicated partner on your journey in Life. Some of the areas they can will help you with are:

Uncover your purpose

Growth Mindset

Building Confidence

Overcome FearRemoving limiting beliefs

Bringing clarity to those messy areas 

Provide Support 

& So Much More


Don’t waste this valuable opportunity that we have in this lifetime to learn and grow and release all those limitations; enabling you to be happy and enjoy your life to its fullest potential…


Beanie has a wealth of experience as an accredited Coach and she helps you with your Mindset…. Mindset is the thing standing between you and everything you want in life.

Email to arrange a discovery call to find out more:  beaniemacdonald@gmail.com